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Mercredi 06 avril 2011

Evaluate your feet and shoes ,before your buy running shoes

When you have your feet evaluated, your goal is to leave with the following knowledge:

1. Is the arch for each foot flat, normal or high? 
2. Are there additional biomechanical concerns based on my foot type? If so, what are they and the effect toward running? 
3. Is there a need to wear orthotics with my shoes? 
4. What type of shoe will best suit your foot type - neutral, stability, motion control? 
5. What is the correct size of my feet (this includes length and width)?

Write down all of the details of your foot type. There is a lot to remember and it is helpful having this information handy with you whenever you shop for running shoes.

So what are the types of running shoes? Below is a listing of shoe types and basic foot types:

1. Neutral: Underpronator /biomechanically efficient

2. Stability: Mild to moderate pronation

3. Motion Control: Moderate to severe overpronator/heavier weight runners

4. Light Weight Racer:Biomechanically efficient runner or race day shoe

Keep in mind, if you wear orthotics as prescribed by your Podiatrist, the above shoe selection may vary based on the amount of biomechanical correction the orthotic provides. Make sure you know the correct category of shoes that will work with your orthotic. Nike Air Max 2011   Womens NikeAir Max 2010

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